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Ventilation fan with hose or pipe connections < ca. 1250 m³/h

Nederman N16 - Hire a portable ventilation fan for maintenance, repairs and other temporary work.

Winch, electric, lifting capacity ≤ ca 150 kg

GEDA Maxi 150 S - Hire an electrically powered winch with a lifting capacity of 150 kg.

Heating mat ≤ 3,5 m2

Ebeco, 3,0 m² - Hire a heating mat for thawing and heating work. The heating mat can thaw up to 30 cm/day, and on sandy ground up to as much as 60 cm/day.

Condensing dehumidifier without heat ≤ 30 l/24 h

Dantherm CDT 60 MK II - Hire a portable industrial air dryer to remove moisture from the building site.

Condensing dehumidifier without heat ≤ 65 l/24 h

El-Björn A 125BT Hire a condensation dehumidifier for an effective solution to moisture problems. Suitable for spaces up to 425m³.

Door lifter

OBM Norden Sune - Hire a door lifter when transporting doors.

Sheet metal cutter, power-driven ≤ 2 mm

Dräco 3514-7R - Hire 500W metal shears with a capacity of up to 2mm in steel, up to 3mm in aluminium and up to 1.5mm in stainless steel. Suitable for application within sheet metal work and ventilation.

Plate shear, battery operated (steel) ≤ 2,0 mm

Makita DJS161RFE - Hire battery-powered metal shears for mild steel plate, stainless steel and aluminium.

Lashing device for reinforcement, battery operated ≤ 32+25 mm

Max RB518 - Hire a tying machine for slightly coarse grained steel of 32-47 mm.

Floor inspection laser

Bosch GSL 2 - Hire a floor laser to smoothly control unevenness in surfaces such as surface concrete or concrete floors.

Levelling instrument, optic ≤ 2,5 mm

Topcon AT-B3 - Hire reliable and accurate levelling instruments for all types of levelling work.

Levelling instrument, optic ≤ 1,5 mm

Spectra HR220 - Hire a laser receiver for indoor and outdoor work, with a range of 75 metres, it works in both horizontal and vertical applications.

Total stations, manually operated ± 1 mgon

Hilti POS 18 - Hire a total station for a two-man operation.

Planning laser, horizontal self levelling > 3 mm

Spectra LL300 - Hire a robust laser level that cover a wide range of applications.

Single slope laser, digital slope, slope capability < 25%

Hilti PR 30-HVS - Hire a rotary laser with digital input of grading for outdoor use in horizontal, vertical and slope applications.

Point- and line laser with ≤ 2 vertical lines

Hilti PMC 46 - Hire a combi laser with two lines and five points, suitable for all indoor applications.

Pipe laying laser, red beam, automatic horizontal adjustment

Topcon TP-L5A - Hire a pipe laser with red beam and auto-alignment.

Multifunction laser, slope capability ≤ 25%

Spectra UL633 - Hire a dual grade laser with automatic control of X/Y and Z. Works as a rotary dual grade laser and also as a pipe laser.

Higher standard sanitation module with/without gable entrance, basic furniture not included, with 3 WC toilets

Hygienbod EW3 Premium - The sanitation module is supplied with the following: Washbasin Toilets Openable exterior walls

Hotwater high-pressure cleaning machine, electric ≤ 9000 W

Kärcher HDS 8/18-4 C - Hire an electric hot water high pressure cleaner, for the washing of machines, vehicles, tools, buildings, facades, terraces and garden equipment.