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Nail gun, for wire nail, pneumatic > 100 mm

MAX HS130 - Hire an air-powered, wire-weld collated nail gun for fastening in roof beams, frames, facades, panels, floors, and frameworks in joists and walls. Nail lengths of 90-130 mm.

Nail gun, for anchor nail, pneumatic, high pressure

MAX HN65J - Hire a high-pressure, coil collated nail gun, for nailing anchor nails into metal fittings, joists, holding plates, bands and strap ties.

Nail gun, for brad nail, gas powered ≤ 1,6 mm

Paslode IM65A F16 Hire a gas-powered brad gun for angled F16 brads and brad lengths between 32-63 mm, which give it high precision and an excellent finish.

Saw bench, wheels, for cross cutting-, ripping and mitre saws

DeWalt DE7400 - Rent a workbench on wheels for easy transport.

Nail gun, for anchor nail, pneumatic, wire nail

Paslode PSN50NP Hire an air-powered nail gun for 34° anchor nails of between 40-50 mm, perfect for building fittings nailing.

Nail gun, for wire nail, gas powered ≤ 100 mm

Hilti GX 90-WF - Hire a gas-powered nail gun for fastening wood.

Nail gun, for brad nail, pneumatic ≤ 1,8 mm

Max DF550/15-65 Hire a powerful pneumatic brad gun for nailing door and window casings, panels and boards. Brad length 32-65 mm.

Nail gun, for brad nail, gas powered ≤ 1,25 mm

Paslode IM50F18 - Hire a gas powered nail gun for 25-50 mm brads.

Compressor cart

Kompressorvagn - Hire a practical cart for compressors with space for two hose reels.

Hose reel incl. hose

Max slangvinda - Hire a compressed air hose reel for high pressure products.

Steel mesh barrier stairs

Combisafe steel mesh barrier stairs - Rent a steel mesh barrier for a continuous barrier on stairs with a 30° incline. You can also rent an adjustable barrier post to adjust the height of the rail so that you can work on the outside of the stairs.

Formwork beam 420

GT 24 Formwork beam  Hire formwork beams with a high load-bearing capacity and rigidity. When the formwork beam is used in wall, pillar and arch formwork systems, material consumption and workload can be reduced.