Professional machine hire for your project

We offer machine hire and total solutions that create a high level of safety and efficiency. We have a wide range of rental machines for all projects and conditions. We can tailor a total solution for you, or rent you a professional machine for a single day. Your needs are always paramount.

Service always close at hand

Lambertsson believes in everything flowing smoothly, as stoppages are never convenient. That's why our level of service is very high. For example, we have service workshops at all our Customer Centres, which means that we can provide fast service. Well-trained staff are on hand, who are always up to date with the latest know-how. If a machine breaks down during a rental period, free service applies. And of course you get a replacement machine in the meantime.

Logistics that are precise and on time

Our job is about logistics. To ensure that our machines are used regularly, that they are always in stock and delivered to you on time. We deliver and collect our machines, wherever and whenever you want.


Stop paying for your machines when you are not using them

If your construction project needs special machines for only a short period of time, you're better off hiring them. They only cost you money when standing idle.

Use the latest technology

Lambertsson offers the latest machines with top performance to get the job done faster. Newer machines also have less environmental impact.

Avoid maintenance costs

You use the machines, we maintain them, repair them if they break down, and of course provide a replacement in the meantime.

Reduce transport costs

Moving your machines around the country can be costly. Lambertsson is nationwide and can provide you with machines wherever you are.

Create opportunities

If you buy machines instead of renting them, you tie up your capital. This may cost you business. So free up your capital and be prepared for the opportunities of tomorrow.

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